Custom Website Design

Ever+Made Studio designs exclusively for the Squarespace platform. We build the highest quality custom websites for individuals, brands, and businesses. 

Our refined process and transparent pricing model help us provide superior designs at affordable rates.

Let's work together. Site design packages range from $600 - $800+.



"I have a Squarespace site, but I need some help."

The EXPRESS package is for brands and businesses who already have a Squarespace site but need a little help polishing it, or for people who want to update their existing site to a more modern look. This is not a full redesign, but a great option for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of improving their site but don’t need a total overhaul.

  • Complete website refresh with 14-day timeline 

  • Optimized for all devices (phone, tablet, desktop)

  • Does not include custom domain and hosting




"I have no website, I need to start from scratch."

The COMPLETE package is for brands and businesses wanting to completely redo or build a new website using Squarespace. You provide the content and copy for your site and we make it look good.

  • Complete website design with 30 day timeline

  • Optimized for all devices (phone, tablet, desktop)

  • Custom design using graphic elements and css coding